Interlight Optotech (HK) Co., Limited launch new 120lm/w DC COB series

Interlight Optotech (HK) Co’, launch a new series DC COB which CCT 3000k can achieve 120lm/w at normal drive. The high-quality single light sources for directional lighting applications offers an outstanding cost/performance ratio of >500lm/$. Whole series can overdrive up to 2X drive current to gain even better lm/$.

Interlight Optotech(HK) new high performance of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs include 6, 9, 13, 18, 27, 36 and 45 W. COB LEDs are especially suited for directional applications such as GU, MR and PAR retrofits, downlights.

9,13,18,27,36 and 45W povide an efficacy of 120lm/W or more at 3000K CCT, a CRI of >80Ra and 25°C substrate temperature, and are available in versions ranging from ANSI bin 2,700 K to 5,600 K. The series also offers 3,4 step (McAdam) for 2700k/3000k solution and 4,5 step for 4000k/5000k/5600k solution.

Each COB has its chip configurations for optimal lumens per dollar of >500lm/$ and optically compact light emission surfaces (LES) for effective pairing with secondary optics.

Sample Available: Yes. (Upon request) Mass Production: Now

Interlight Optotech (HK) Co., Limited add new COB and EMC3030 Series into the product portfolio

Interlight Optotech (HK) Co., Limited is a professional SSL Lighting solution company, focus on main trend LED package and Light Engine solution. Interlight Optotech(HK)Co., Limited products are mainly used in commercial lighting, stage lighting, street lamps ... all kinds of lighting applications.

Interlight launch the new 120lm/w COB and EMC3030. The new COB series delivers high efficacy, which ranges from 6W~45W. The warm white color COBs can meet 3 steps color bin for commercial lighting application. Furthermore, COBs is featuring aluminum PCB with competitive price, which are also designed for large, open area lighting, including street, wide area, high/low bay, and commercial lighting.

The new EMC3030 3000k can achieve to 120lm/w, .are available in versions ranging from ANSI bin under CRI 80. CRI 90 is also available for 2700k CCT. The product are suitable for bulb, downlight, High/Low Bay.

Sample Available: Yes. (Upon request) Mass Production: Now